YKVN Partners Appointed to SIAC and VIAC Arbitrators’ Panels

November 28, 2023

We are honored that partners Truong Trong Nghia and Luu Tien Dzung have been appointed to the SIAC arbitrators’ panel and partner Do Khoi Nguyen to the VIAC arbitrators’ panel. With these appointments, YKVN now has three partners on the SIAC arbitrators’ panel, four partners on the VIAC arbitrators’ panel and one partner on the KCAB arbitrators’ panel. 

In addition to the appointments of Truong Trong Nghia and Luu Tien Dzung, two other YKVN lawyers continue to support SIAC. Minh Dang has been reappointed to the SIAC Arbitration Court for a third term, and Pham Minh Thang has been reappointed to the YSIAC Council for a second term. Four YKVN partners currently serve on the VIAC arbitrators’ panel include Truong Trong Nghia, Luu Tien Dzung, Truong Nhat Quang, and Do Khoi Nguyen. Minh Dang also serves as a member of the KCAB International Arbitration Committee. 

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