Career development

Hiring the most promising legal students or experienced lawyers and nurture their development  are essentials to YKVN’s commitment to lawyering excellence.

YKVN’s curriculum includes notably:

YKVN Law Academy

YKVN Law Academy is a compulsory 3 years program for associates from all offices. It aims to cover the essentials helping promising lawyers to become excellent practitioners.

The curriculum includes an overview of the legal profession in Vietnam, lawyer’s ethics and responsibilities, basis legal skills, legal analysis, legal advice, soft skills, timesheet management, client development, etc.

The legal aspects of the program focus on all key areas of practice, including but not limited to M&A, banking, capital markets, court litigation, VIAC arbitration, etc.

First and second year classes offer a common curriculum. During their third year, legal assistants can select their preferred specialized advanced classes.  At the end of the first year, legal assistants with the highest average grade are sponsored to UC Berkeley for training in the following summer.

Internal insight seminars

Our senior experts regularly hold internal in which insights on any new, complex or controversy aspects of the law or law enforcement are discussed and shared.

Our associates are given valued opportunities to learn and benefit from the firm’s huge pool of expertise and experience .

Seminars by outside professionals

We regularly invite outside professionals to give trainings or chair seminars on essential professional skills for our associates.

We also strongly encourage our associates to attend various trainings, seminars and conferences hosted by State authorities, domestic and foreign legal professional organizations, etc.

These opportunities help them develop their legal and personal skills along with their professional network.

Onboarding trainings

Our onboarding trainings are designed to help newcomers acquire necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors, facilitating them to become effective and engaged members of our firm and our corporate culture.


YKVN is constantly looking for bright and dedicated law students, lawyers and professionals with a strong work ethic to join our teams.

If you are interested in career opportunities at YKVN, please contact us at or at any of our offices.​

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