Vietnam Chapter | 2023 The Corporate Governance Review | The Law Reviews – 13th Edition

  • 2023
  • English


The 13th edition comprehensively examines corporate governance practices across 21 jurisdictions. Each chapter offers a detailed analysis of the respective jurisdiction’s corporate governance regime, roles and responsibilities of directors, required public disclosures of corporate governance-related matters, rules of engagement with shareholders, and the extent to which a public company can defend a takeover, together with an update of recent and forthcoming developments. 

Managing Partner Truong Nhat Quang, Partner Nguyen Van Hai and Counsel Krissen Pillay provide an overview of the corporate governance regime and highlight recent development and trends in the 2023 Vietnam Chapter of the Corporate Governance Review (13th Edition, The Law Reviews, Law Business Research).

The Vietnam chapter includes: 

  • Overview of governance regime; 
  • Corporate leadership; 
  • Corporate disclosure; 
  • Corporate social responsibility / ESG; 
  • Engagement with shareholders; and 
  • Outlook. 
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