Vietnam Chapter | 2022 The Corporate Governance Review | The Law Reviews – 12th Edition 

  • 2022
  • English


In this 12th edition, The Corporate Governance Review highlights corporate governance has become globally an even more vital  and  all-encompassing  topic,  especially  this  second  year  after  the  start  of  the  covid-19  pandemic  –  a  year  marked by  climate  issues,  political  instability,  technological change, a steady increase in attention to environmental, social and corporate governance,  green  finance  and  the  demand  from  both  employees  and  customers  for  a  sound  reputation  for  the  best  personal health and moral responsibility.  

Managing Partner Truong Nhat Quang, Partner Nguyen Van Hai and Senior Associate Krissen Pillay provide an overview of the corporate governance regime and highlight recent development and trends in the 2022 Vietnam Chapter of the Corporate Governance Review (12th Edition, The Law Reviews, Law Business Research). 

The Vietnam chapter includes:

  • Overview of governance regime,
  • Corporate leadership,
  • Disclosure,
  • Corporate social responsibility / ESG,
  • Shareholders,
  • Outlook.
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